Representing WIOMAX, the CoFounder Dr. Wang has participated the National Science Foundation (NSF) workshop “Public Access to Research Data” to share our findings and knowledge on how to promote public access making research data more useful while without adding extra burden on the researchers.

NSF is the primary federal agency supporting research at the frontiers of knowledge, across all fields of science and engineering (S&E) and all levels of S&E education. The two days NSF workshop aims to gather the community of experts on public data access from different NSF divisions for their responses. The contributions from the participators of the workshop would lead to a final report as potential guidelines making research data public and useful.

WIOMAX is a research and consulting team to explore real-time, smart and scalable solutions especially for applications to achieve Smart Mobility and Smart Cities by integrating cutting-edge DOAI [Data Analytics + Optimization + Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Internet of Things (IoT)] technologies, from basic research to industry transition and product development and support.

Innovation through sharing data plays a vital role in unlocking the values of data to scientific discoveries and industrial advances. Various concurrent novel technologies and employments have been developed to integrate with data usage, such as those in smart mobility ecosystem emanating from the transportation needs of different stakeholders for better safety, reliability, sustainability, and automation. Setting forth public access to research data would help not only identifying current and future opportunities through collaboration and public-private partnerships to research and innovation, but also supporting efficient communications and consulting activities around key and emerging topics of concern to the research community.

Participated NSF Workshop on Public Access to Research Data