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Business Tag Examples: (a) Application: Agriculture & Farming, Bridge Monitoring, Connected Health, Drones, Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Smart Home, Smart Lighting, Smart Mobility, Connected Cars, Fleet Management, Traffic Control, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Wearables, etc. (b) Technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, Edge Computing, Data Analytics, and Optimization, etc.

Mavenick Consulting – Intelligent Automation Solutions
6619, Jayden Brook Ct, Sugar Land, Texas,
TX 77479
Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, RPA, AI, Intelligent Automation, Intelligent Automation Solutions, Intelligent Process Automation

Mavenick Consulting specializes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning/ Deep Learning.

Our goal is to help our clients convert their operations into a competitive differentiation through deep and broad automation. This can only be achieved with a well thought out and relentlessly executed automation program that scales across the enterprise.

1) KlearStack - End to end automation of your supplier invoices without any templates and rules. This product utilizes Deep Learning in order to extract specific information from any supplier invoices irrespective of layout and fields. Unlock the end to end automation for invoice processing, without defining any OCR templates or rules! 100% more cost effective and accurate as compared to traditional template & rules driven solutions.
2) Digital Recruiter - 100% automated recruitment. Posting JD to your preferred job portals, sourcing profiles, monitoring applicants, 100% resume scanning and matching with JD (using NLP and ML), automated serving of online tests, shortlisting and online screening interviews, face to face interview scheduling. No human intervention once our ML model is trained. End to end automation to take the candidates through all stages of shortlisting, until the first face to face interview is scheduled.

Webtunix AI

Atrium 204 Tech Park, Plot no. C 204, Industrial Area 8B, Sector 74, Mohali, Punjab 160055
Webtunix AI is a leading data science consulting company that is offering services which are related to Industry needs. At Webtunix, we are offering services like data analytics services, machine learning services, data scraping, Data Mining, Object Detection, Video and Image Processing, Natural language processing and more.

Webtunix is an Artificial Intelligence company having innovation Data Science Lab in Mohali, using Artificial Intelligence techniques to deliver machine learning and data science services. In 2015, we have started with a vision to build ‘intelligence’ that can support humans in resolving complex glitches. We have faith in the true value of knowledgeable debate before implementation of any plan. To do so, we have been collecting the best talent maintained by widespread academic research in the individual domains. Today, our core team comprises of researchers and scientists from Mathematics and Computing with hands-on academic research from various academic and private institutions.

QLIKTAG Software – IoT Smart Products Cloud Platform
QLIKTAG SOFTWARE INC. 120 Newport Center Drive, Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA

The QLIKTAG 'Internet of Products' platform combines a Product Data Cloud and (IoT) Internet of Things platform enabling consumer brands & retailers to deploy smart products and participate in the new world of the "Internet of Products"

QLIKTAG Software Inc. is an innovator of mobile software solutions that bridge the gap between brands and buyers – fostering, trust, stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, QLIKTAG’s cloud-based software platform allows brands and manufacturers to deliver product information, deploy extended merchandising capabilities and set up interactive mobile experiences at the actual point of consideration where having instant access or critical information can make all the difference in a purchase decision.

3 Columbus Circle
Suite 1420

Telna was founded in 1997. A US-based mobile network operator and GSMA member, Telna built a track record of providing superior quality connectivity and global roaming services.

Telna was founded in 1997. A US-based mobile network operator and GSMA member, Telna built a track record of providing superior quality connectivity and global roaming services.

Today, Telna is an innovative, vertically-integrated technology company that offers the most robust Network As A Service (NaaS) solutions and global connectivity for any application.

Our partners and customers include some of the world’s most successful business and consumer brands. We provide expansive, reliable global connectivity to serve the needs of today and the scalability for the demands of tomorrow.

+1 416 800 1661
Biz4Intellia - End to End IoT Solutions
7380 W. Sand Lake Road, Suite 500
Orlando, Florida , United States
Biz4Intellia is among the pioneer providers of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Biz4Intellia is a well-integrated combination of IoT devices, an IoT platform suite, and configurable business services. It has been rated as one of the Top 50 IoT Companies by CIOReview. Biz4Intellia has been facilitating early IoT adoption to many businesses in multiple industries for last six years.

Biz4Intellia is a breakthrough cloud-based Mobile & IoT software platform (PaaS) that enables an end-to-end ecosystem of connected devices/sensors to help customers develop innovative solutions quickly and in a very cost-effective manner. Biz4Intellia can transform a business concept to an IoT driven solution in a matter of days. With its scalar and modular architecture and a flexible SaaS-based pricing model, Biz4Intellia evens out the IoT playing field for entrants, small, and big players.

Biz4Intellia supports all major IoT protocols. With its support to over 150 sensor types, it can offer solutions to virtually any industry. Biz4Intellia quickly unlocks businesses’ potential as it brings technology to their core operations thus giving them a competitive advantage.

Biz4Intellia offers Plant Automation and IoT Technology Solutions by using its out-of-the-box configurable business services including Device Management Services, Network Management Services, Reporting & Notifications Management Services, AWS Platform Management Services, Data Ingestion Services, Account Management Services, Mobile App Services, Custom Functionality Services, and Advanced Data Analysis & Machine Learning. Biz4Intellia uses multi-layered security for the communication protocols.

Biz4Intellia is bringing mind and machine together with its built-in machine learning modules that offers both asset-based and process-based predictive analysis. Biz4Intellia’ advanced notification system uses its AI modules to ensure smooth operation of its solutions, while optimizing businesses processes with IoT automation.

Biz4Intellia understands the underlying economics of innovation, technology, and market disruptions. It is revolutionizing the Digital Transformation offering white box approach enabling incremental adaptation of existing processes. Biz4Intlllia weighs pros and cons of current digital technologies while driving digital advancement.

Plasma Business Intelligence INC
3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1515, Dallas, TX , USA
Plasma is a leading platforms and solutions provider with an international reputation for its IoT / M2M, business process automation and workflows, and Big Data Visualization platforms. With Plasma, your company can seamlessly connect to all data sources, store and visualize critical Big Data, and optimize business workflows through event management and automation.

Plasma, a leading enterprise web development and BPM (Business Process Management) services company, provides top-notch Business Intelligence, Internet of things (IOT) services as well as custom workflows and executive dashboards solutions and also providing solutions with a worldwide reputation for its IoT/M2M, business process automation and workflows and Big Data Visualization platforms. Through our solutions we try to grow your business and give you the full flexibility in rapidly changing IT markets.

With Plasma, your company can flawlessly connect to all data sources, pile-up and visualize significant Big Data and optimize business workflows through Real Time Analytics & Event Management and automation.

100 Pearl St 14th floor Hartford CT 06103 USA

Computer support and services in Hartford, Connecticut. High-speed end user support for real time resolution with on-staff engineers. 24/7 systems monitoring. Website hosting, server hosting. Data backups, antivirus, server support. Software/hardware inventory. Help desk and unlimited remote support.

(860) 251-9706
Digital Reach India IOT compnay
502, Venus Atlantis, Pralahad nagar,Ahmedabad India.
We are Indian company, having a expertise in IOT gateway, IOT firmware as per IOT gateway application and cloud software ( dash board and reporting for analytic ) as per IOT application .
Vertical focus : Smart utility, Smart manufacturing, Smart environment, Smart Agriculture.
Contact : Mr, Snehal Patel, M:+91 9898052205

Industries owners are realizing that the scale they used earlier to evaluate their assets are now changing. Shifting customer demands, climate change acknowledgement and sustainability goals, power reliability and resiliency concerns are driving demand for intelligent monitoring and control solutions using Internet of Things. We pride ourselves on helping our clients implement an effective and efficient IOT systems .

IoTConnect – Industrial Automation Solution
2531 Technology Drive, St 312,
Elgin, IL
IoT is changing the way businesses operate as it connects everything. We have built IoTConnect, an IoT platform that helps developers build complete end-to-end IoT applications and solutions.

Building a complete IoT solution can be a challenging task, as it requires technical expertise, a lot of time, resources and capital. Even the resourceful companies eventually end up with long development cycles, high operational cost and low ROI. On the other side, a ready-made IoT platform simplifies the development and deployment of IoT applications, as it connects devices and sensors easily, delivering more value than a do-it-yourself platform. The best part of ready-built platforms is that they are scalable. So, it can scale to meet the increasing needs of the company, as your business grows. Moreover, it does not involve building it from scratch, saving a lot of time which can be invested in focusing on the core competencies.


Connect people to their plants & each other. Monitor, automate & predict via AI + ML.