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IoTConnect – Industrial Automation Solution
2531 Technology Drive, St 312,
Elgin, IL 60124
IoT is changing the way businesses operate as it connects everything. We have built IoTConnect, an IoT platform that helps developers build complete end-to-end IoT applications and solutions.

Building a complete IoT solution can be a challenging task, as it requires technical expertise, a lot of time, resources and capital. Even the resourceful companies eventually end up with long development cycles, high operational cost and low ROI. On the other side, a ready-made IoT platform simplifies the development and deployment of IoT applications, as it connects devices and sensors easily, delivering more value than a do-it-yourself platform. The best part of ready-built platforms is that they are scalable. So, it can scale to meet the increasing needs of the company, as your business grows. Moreover, it does not involve building it from scratch, saving a lot of time which can be invested in focusing on the core competencies.


Connect people to their plants & each other. Monitor, automate & predict via AI + ML.

Vodafone IoT

Powering the IoT to deliver real business value.


AT&T M2X is a time-series data storage + analytics service for the internet of things (IOT) and M2M.

Verizon IoT

Verizon’s handle for IoT, connecting everything for a better tomorrow.

HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies is an Open Location Platform.


WIOMAX is a research and consulting team to explore real-time, smart and scalable solutions especially for applications to achieve Smart Mobility and Smart Cities by integrating cutting-edge DOAI (Data Analytics + Optimization + Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Internet of Things (IoT)) technologies, from basic research to industry transition and product development and support.


Discover how HPE IoT (Internet of Things) connects data, people, & processes through open, flexible technologies & services, to drive insight and reduce risk.

IoT Cybersecurity Alliance

Where industry-leading IoT security providers and top IoT experts come together to raise awareness, establish and share best practices, and research and develop methods to holistically secure the IoT ecosystem for the good of all.


Improving global mobility with connected car services, driver apps, smart city analytics & enterprise solutions.