Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have been applied for different applications: – Advanced Planning and Scheduling for smart and scalable urban traffic control and other applications – Machine Learning (ML) Techniques for different applications – Metaheuristic Search Strategies for different applications Some of our research work

Smart and Scalable Urban Signal Networks

Smart and Scalable Urban Signal Networks

The system is a real-time, adaptive traffic control system (or the Internet of Smart Intersections, in the sense of Smart IoT) that optimally schedules dynamic traffic flows in complex urban road networks, by integrating traffic theory with artificial intelligence (AI). X.-F. Xie, et al.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

We have worked on advanced scheduling strategies for hard computational problems (e.g., Flowshop Scheduling) and real-world applications (e.g., Smart and Scalable Urban Traffic Control). Some of them could be solved using cooperative group optimization with metaheuristic search strategies, where some of


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