Road Traffic Safety Studies

Road traffic safety is a serious issue raising increased public concerns. According to the 2015 report by World Health Organization (WHO), globally there were 1.25 million road traffic deaths in 2013, and up to 50 million more per year suffering

Toward Sustainable Urban Mobility

For solving problems in multimodal traffic and transportation networks and achieving sustainable urban mobility, we have worked on creating Smart and Scalable Urban Signal Networks and multimodal extensions, designing Intelligent Route Choice Framework, and utilizing Big Data and Urban Informatics.     Publications X.-F. Xie,

Multimodal Urban Traffic Control

Multimodal Urban Traffic Control

Traffic congestion significantly degrades the quality of life in urban environments. It results in lost time, wasted fuel resources and reduced air quality for urban residents. Recent work in real-time, schedule-driven control of traffic signal networks has introduced new possibilities

Intelligent Route Choice Framework

Route choice systems (RCS) and traffic control systems (TCS) constitute two major approaches to mitigate congestion in urban road networks for achieving sustainable urban mobility. The interaction between signal control and route choice is often captured in the combined traffic


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