Multiagent Optimization System (MAOS)
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The Multiagent Optimization System (MAOS) [Project Portal] consists of a group of compact agents cooperating with their peers in a sharing environment for realizing a common intention of finding high-quality solution(s) based on the internal representation of the optimization task.

Some algorithms, including Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Differential Evolution (DE), Social Cognitive Optimization (SCO), and Electromagnetism-like Mechanism (EM) Heuristic, etc, have been implemented in the Swarm Algorithm Framework (SWAF) for solving Numerical Optimization Problem (NOP). A simplified example of the MAOS is the Mini-Swarm System, which has been applied on some combinatorial optimization problems, such as Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP), Graph Coloring Problem (GCP), Quadratic Knapsack Problem (QKP), Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem (FSP), Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP), etc.

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