Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) is a branch of electronic design automation (EDA) that models semiconductor fabrication and semiconductor device operation.

  • Modeling and Optimization for Semiconductor Processes and Devices

Response surface methodology, metaheuristic search strategies, cooperative group optimization algorithms, and machine learning methods were applied for modeling and optimization for semiconductor devices and processes.

duble-implantation-MOSFET  drive-current-fitness      RSM_model       drive-in_temperature

  • Analytic Physical Model for Short-Channel MOSFETs

In the light of a modified two-dimensional Poisson equation, an analytic model for the threshold voltage of short-channel MOSFETs is developed. By introducing a normalized effective gate voltage and properly including major small-geometry and high-field effects, an accurate, continuous and scaled-down drain current physical model is obtained. The model is available for VLSI simulation and reliability applications.