Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD)

Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) is a branch of electronic design automation (EDA) that models semiconductor fabrication and semiconductor device operation. Modeling and Optimization for Semiconductor Processes and Devices Response surface methodology, metaheuristic search strategies, cooperative group optimization algorithms, and

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

We have worked on advanced scheduling strategies for hard computational problems (e.g., Flowshop Scheduling) and real-world applications (e.g., Smart and Scalable Urban Traffic Control). Some of them could be solved using cooperative group optimization with metaheuristic search strategies, where some of

Decentralized Multiagent Optimization

We have designed and realized decentralized multiagent optimization for solving different real-world problems in supply chain and transportation networks. Each system consists of a network of loosely-coupled computational autonomous agents who can perform actions, each has local resources at their

Cooperative Group Optimization System

The cooperative group optimization (CGO) system consists of a group of intelligent agents cooperating with their peers in a sharing environment for realizing a common intention of finding high-quality solution(s) based on the landscape representation of an optimization task. Numerical Optimization CGO has also